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News: soapUI 3.0.1 is out

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    eviware is happy to announce the soapUI 3.0.1 release which contains a bunch of bug-fixes and some improvements as well; - Updated installers for Mac, Linux and 64-bit Windows (without JRE) - Updated components/libraries: JXBrowser 1.3 + hotfixes, Groovy 1.6.4, WSS4j 1.5.8, XML-Sec 1.4.3, Bouncycastle 1.43, JTidy r820 - Fixed Java 1.5 compatibility - Updated Launch-dialogs to support all current command-line option - Database configuration, password-handling and encryption fixed (Pro-only) - JasperReport-template adjustments (Pro-only) - Null-pointer fixes in WS-Security handling - Fixed sorting of properties - Fixes related to names containing leading/trailing spaces - WSDL-loading-related fixes (redirects and schema overrides) - REST-related fixes and improvements - New: Possibility to insert file as base64 encoded string (Thank you Cory!) - New: Groovy scripts are now run in seperate thread when running in TestStep editor (Thank you Piotr!) - New: MockServices now don't require SOAP Action by default (Thank you azl!) - New and experimental: Deploy as WAR (from Project menu), packages the project as a WAR file for running MockServices inside an existing servlet container. - and many more fixes.. Read more about the 3.0 release at Download from Check out the Pro version with even more features and guaranteed support; There is a four-part series on our blog covering many of the new features: - Part 1 : WADL and Schema Inference - - Part 2 : Event Handlers and JDBC Connections - - Part 3 : Reporting - - Part 4 : JavaScript, TestSuite execution, WS-RM, etc.. - Who can we thank more than our customers and users? no-one! Thank you all! /Ole

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    SoapUI is great. In earlier releases I had problems verifying WSS signed messages from Glassfish though. Glassfish could verify signed messages sent from soapUI but soapUI would not verify the results. Perhas it works better now? WS interoperability is still a very tricky thing :-( SoapUI really helps!
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    Hi Tomas, thanks for your kind words. There have been some updates to the underlying WS-Security implementation (WSS4j from Apache), but a major overhaul of security-related functionality is scheduled for one of the coming major releases. regards! /Ole
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    Hi Ole, Thanks for all your hard work. SoapUI really shines - I've used it multiple times across different clients and jobs. One feature that's excellent, but unfortunately underdocumented is the Groovy-based web service mocking. I'm curious whether you have any plans to document this area a little better? Best, Peter
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    Hi Peter, Thanks for your support! To be really honest, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "Groovy-Based Mocking", is it the standard MockService-functionality with focus on all the available Groovy Scripts/Events? Or have I forgotten about some special feature or usage-scenario available? :-) Best Regards! /Ole