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News: JIRA Workflow Designer Released

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    If you’ve ever had to edit or create a workflow in JIRA, you’ll love the JIRA Workflow Designer. This plugin not only visualizes workflows; it’s a full blown editor that makes use of standard diagramming concepts to make editing JIRA workflows quick and easy. http://www.sysbliss.com/software/jira-workflow-designer

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    First off, congratulations to System Bliss on the release. It's nice to have options when you're looking for a better way to get your job done. What's interesting to me is that Atlassian/JIRA has built a viable environment for third party software vendors and open source projects to build on JIRA. That's certainly one of the biggest accomplishments a software vendor can get, as it helps drive sales and renewals of the core product. Cheers, David Flux - Java Job Scheduler. File Transfer. Workflow. http://www.fluxcorp.com