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    Sun's Java Community Process posted a new JSR (JAXR) for accessing ebXML Registry & Repository/UDDI directories/Other XML based registries, from Java programs. JAXR achieves much of the same purpose as JNDI. Then question is why not use JNDI, for accessing this XML based registries. Also, a point worth consideration is, Merlin (next release of JDK) comes along with DSML service provider. DSML stands for Directory Service Markup Language and it enables LDAP directory services to be exposed to XML based applications. This means that JNDI can very well be equipped to access XML registries. Then why this new API?

    Please note that JSR 93 tries to explain why it cannot use JNDI. But the reasoning is too concise to be understood by a common Java developer like myself. So, gurus out there, please post your valuable comments on the matter!

    Java API for XML Registry
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    They seem to be going a lot further than a mere directory. They talk about partnership agreement negociation etc. It has elements of a PIP from RosettaNet, for example.

    They may also be standardizing some aspects of the content in the directory as opposed to JNDI where only the access to the data is standardized. They may be trying to standardize what you're looking up as well as how to look it up.

    I guess we'll see once drafts become available.
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    Any thoughts on the pros and cons of Sun's DSML implementation vs. Castor's DSML implementation. What about iplanet's?