Metawidget is a 'smart User Interface widget' that populates itself, at runtime, with UI components to match the properties of your business objects. Metawidget does this without introducing new technologies. It inspects your existing back-end architecture (such as JavaBeans, existing annotations, existing XML configuration files) and creates widgets native to your existing front-end framework (such as Swing, Java Server Faces, Struts, Android). The new release includes support for: * ICEfaces AJAX components - * Pure client-side GWT - * Bean Validation (JSR 303) - * OVal - * Tomahawk - * ExtGWT - Other recent additions to Metawidget include: * Pluggable widget libraries (ie. mixing multiple third-party libraries in the sampe app) * SwingX support * DisplayTag support * JGoodies Validator support * MigLayout support * Scala support * ...and more - As always, the best place to start is the Reference Documentation: Your continued feedback is invaluable to us. Please download it and let us know what you think.