Perforce 2009.1 for P4WSAD and P4Java released


News: Perforce 2009.1 for P4WSAD and P4Java released

  1. Perforce Release 2009.1 is now available for the Perforce Plug-in for Eclipse and WebSphere Studio (P4WSAD) and the Perforce Java API (P4Java). More information can be found here:

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  2. Perforce rips off P4Java[ Go to top ]

    Interesting that Perforce just up and rips off the name from the opensource P4Java project: Must be some sort of a copyright/trademark issue there. It's nice that a project that helped support Perforce when they were lacking a useable java API gets no love from them.
  3. Illegal name[ Go to top ]

    Don't these guys learn from the JavaRebel experience that you cannot use the work "java" in the product name? The license explicitly prohibits it.
  4. I'll kick things off... p2svn ;)