Analysis and comparison of ActiveMQ, Websphere MQ and SonicMQ


Performance and scalability: Analysis and comparison of ActiveMQ, Websphere MQ and SonicMQ

  1. Hey there, As the title says I'm actually doing an analysis of these three competitors. I've already started to summarize their features. Now what I'm asking is how would you do this and which are the most important criteria to compare them? I think it's difficult to just compare their performance, also I can't find any serious performance tests out there. Do anybody have some experience and suggestions how to do such analysis/comparison ? Thanks! Greets-

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    Lots depends on application, isn't it? Is it pub/sub or point to point? How many publisher? How many subscribers? Durable or not? Duplicates ok or not? Should you use XA transactions or not? Etc. Define the question you want to answer by this comparison first.
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    Thanks for your answer :)! Actually I wanna compare them in general. In the end I need a conclusion, what is the best of these three to install. I think the question I like to answer is which of these three have the best features (security, performance, technology, supported standards, etc.). I think this is the best way to compare them, isn't it? And I do nothing with testing or installing one of them, I just write a report. I know it strongly depends on the needs of an infrastructure in which the messaging-system is installed to, but I wanna keep the whole thing as general as possible. Thanks! Greeets