Programeter launches tight integration with Google Code giving users an option to easily setup monitoring of code repository, tasks and issues of any open source projects hosted at Google Code. Resulting reports include metrics data gathered from Subversion code repository and native issue tracker provided by Google. Programeter has several types of reports which rely on data pulled from Google Code directly: 1. Report on completed tasks and bugs (belongs to Effort angle) which shows the correlation between completed tasks and fixed bugs. 2. Features burn-up and tasks statuses reports from Scope angle. These reports display how scope changes through the lifetime of the project. They also are used to evaluate task execution effectiveness. 3. Bugs statuses and product quality reports from Quality Assurance angle. These reports indicate the effectiveness of bug handling and the correlation between the number of total completed tasks and total bugs through the project timeline 4. Team activity and contribution reports (part of Effort angle), which displays how active was programming team and how its contribution varied on day-to-day basis See Programeter-GoogleCode integration page for more info.