Inforama is a Java based Document Automation system which allows document templates to be created quickly and easily using OpenOffice. Templates are populated with data from parameters, databases and other datasources before being generated into PDFs for printing and emailing. Version 1.3 includes some significant enhancements and bug fixes including the following... New mailshot dialog The new mailshot dialog gives users better control over how documents are emailed and printed during a mailshot. Preview generated documents before processing them and save the entire mailshot script for future use to save time. For more on this see the mailshot dialog tutorial at Enhanced plug-in architecture Create plug-ins which can be used to add menus dialogs and wizards to the Studio. You can also create dataset plug-ins to retrieve your data from custom data sources Salesforce plug-in This is a sample plug-in which can be used to merge Salesforce contact data with generated documents. The source code for this plug-in is available for download from the sourceforge project at More information on how to use the plug-in can be found at Visit the Inforama website at For a quick overview of how Inforama works have a look at the webcasts at