codeBeamer 5.4, Collaborative ALM Solution, released


News: codeBeamer 5.4, Collaborative ALM Solution, released

  1. codeBeamer 5.4, Collaborative ALM Solution, released (10 messages)

    codeBeamer version 5.4 incorporates improved support for the popular distributed version control systems and a new issue escalation mechanism. Besides that, we brought our source code management to the enterprise scale by performing all long running tasks in background processes. Today's challenge is to tackle Android sized projects with 2GB of code and hundreds of thousands of change sets, and codeBeamer 5.4 is capable of processing these repositories. Version highlights
    • Issue escalation with hierarchic working calendars
    • Calculated tracker fields with rich formula
    • Wiki page editing directly in Microsoft Word
    • Scalable version control management
    • Major enhancements in supporting Git and Mercurial
    • Revised search: more relevancy, richer query syntax, friendlier interface

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  2. Too Many Acronyms - ALM?[ Go to top ]

    Might be interesting, but never having heard the acronym "ALM", I just have to guess what it means. Agile Lifecycle Management Asynchronous Lifecycle Management Anonymous Lifetime Membership Absolute Lowest Mileage ... --Matt The Software Grove
  3. Assembly Language for Multics[ Go to top ]

    Sorry to clutter this posting with more silly comments, but I particularly enjoyed the idea that ALM could be connected to Multics. :) After a little research, my actual best guess is Asset Lifecycle Management. --Matt The Software Grove
  4. Re: Too Many Acronyms - ALM?[ Go to top ]

    Application Lifecycle Management is probably the right one... and not that difficult to guess, too ;) Ciao, Raffaele
  5. ALM != American Leprosy Missions[ Go to top ]

    With being the context, we thought that "ALM" does not require a long explanation. On the other hand, the remark is valid, we needed to trim the title of the post to fit in the size limits.
  6. Re: ALM != American Leprosy Missions[ Go to top ]

    Good response! :) Fair enough. In the future, you could still write out the non-abbreviated version in the body of the post for those of us who are TLA (Three Letter Acronym) challenged. It's funny that although I've heard "Application Lifecycle Management" plenty of times, I can't recall ever having heard it abbreviated as "ALM". --Matt
  7. Re: ALM != American Leprosy Missions[ Go to top ]

    <blockquoteyou could still write out the non-abbreviated version in the body of the post</blockquote> We will do that! Peace.
  8. selam[ Go to top ]

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  9. CodeBeamer is not just ALM tool.[ Go to top ]

    “Application Lifecycle Management” term has been used by many software vendors like Borland, IBM Rational, Compuware, and TeleLogic (They called ELM) etc… It was just tool chain for their delivery strategy and marketing. Now ALM 2.0 Keyword is Collaborative Lifecycle, Time (Issue) Tracking, Knowledge Management, integrate with Social Oriented Engineering and Agile. CodeBeamer is not just ALM tool. Wiki Based, Enterprise ALM Platform. Their tier 1 competitor is IBM Rational CQ (Jazz) and HP Quality Center. For University and Open Project, CodeBeamer is free. One more, “JavaForge” is implementation of CodeBeamer.
  10. In the enterprise market place in general the heavy weight tools such IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest are common for fully featured Software Configuration Management. With Android being based around multiple git repositories, this level of integrated Software Configuration Management is not readily available. Is Codebeamer able to provide this?
  11. Yes. With its ever improving support for Git and Mercurial (not to mention Subversion, CVS and all the other players), we believe that codeBeamer is a compelling cost effective, lightweight replacement for the Rational tools. And it does not require a busload of consultants for operations.