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    The Sonar Team is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 1.11. The new version brings three main functionality to the platform. 1. A Components service to better navigate through resources and compare them 2. Addition of the branch code coverage by unit tests to complete the coverage by line 3. A metric on Commented Out code to enable its eradication On top of this, 50 improvements and bug fixes are contained in this version. On the technical side, the purge mechanism has been greatly optimized to only keep necessary data. To find more about the new version, you can read Sonar 1.11 in screenshots on the Sonar blog, check the Sonar live instance or simply download the new version.

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    Sonar is a fantastic tool. We use it every day to quickly find our most complex and least tested classes. Thanks for building a very forward thinking tool. Franz Garsombke
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    Sonar is one of the greatest open-source tools out there. I've introduced the tool at version 1.8 a few months ago. Too bad my company doesn't really use all of its features. I do use it on one of my projects that I'm leading though. And I love it! It allows me to measure my quality improvements over time and its nice little dashboard provides a quick view of the state of the project in terms of quality.