In Axis2 while doing "wsdl2java", we can specify databinding as "none". Is there way to specify a no-databinding option while doing "wsimport"? databinding "none" in Axis2 will create the operations' implementation with parameter OMElement. e.g. If I have an operation in the wsdl "getDepartment" which takes "Employee" and "Address" object and returns an "Department" object , it will create the method getDepartment in the skeleton as follows:- public OMElement getDepartment(OMElement param) By this I can easily get the payload from OMElement param and if I use any skeleton generating custom api(api to generate skeletons from wsdl) I can use the same custom skeleton generation api for all wsdls irrespective of the parameters or return types of operations. Axis2 does this perfectly well. I was looking something similar in JAX-WS wsimport so that I can write a implmentation generation api for all wsdls. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?