This new release of LogicalDOC 4.6 introduces a number of important changes. Arguably the most important of all is the ability to specify the type for the custom attributes for a document Template. In fact, this change involves a major change on the database. Also been profoundly changed the web-services, with the introduction of new methods to simplify the integration with LogicalDOC. Another update worth mentioning is reached on the WebDAV plugin in order to allow editing of a document while maintaining the versioning. It must be said that this behavior is largely related to the client used. To make the best from the WebDAV you need a client that supports correctly the Update method such as WebDrive. As for the Enterprise version a specific module for Active Directory was created to simplify the configuration and we have improved the plugin for acquisition by e-mail boxes with IMAP and SSL support. Also the parametric search has been retouched to allow more efficient and modular searches. The Commercial version of LogicalDOC is available on the official website of the software Finally, many thanks to the group of translators for the French language: Manuel Le Boette, Maxime Leboeuf and François Blondel for contributing to the translation making LogicalDOC more usable in all French speaking countries. Report any bugs you find using the bug tracker You can discuss issues in the user forum The LogicalDOC development Team