Can code generation technologies improve the productivity of developers by 2x (or more) as software providers - and their customers - claim? If so, does the resulting increase in a developer’s productivity improve their professional prospects with respect to pay and job security, especially in higher wage regions of the world? It’s an interesting question to consider, especially in a worldwide downturn that has not spared the software development industry. Skyway Software CEO Sean Walsh explores the topic in his recent blog here. Clearly, previous attempts at automated code generation technologies have encountered issues and have been met with very mixed adoption by developers. Skepticism around automatically generating, rather than hand coding, a software application runs pretty high among most developers today. Sean has also recently examined the question of whether developers should take another look at automated code generation and consider separating application scaffold generation and application logic generation. You can read that blog post here. Perhaps starting with scaffold generation makes more sense and carries less risk for developers. And maybe higher productivity, pay and job security? What do you think?