Runa WFE 2.3 is released


News: Runa WFE 2.3 is released

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    Runa WFE is an OpenSource BPMS system, based on JBoss jBPM core. It is a cross-platform end user solution for business process development and execution. Runa WFE is an open source project. Runa WFE provides: - an end user GUI to define business processes without any coding: draw flowcharts, define roles and variables, lay out forms - an end user GUI to load and execute processes - an administrative interface to create and remove users/groups and grant rights - a possibility of writing automatic "bots" that can participate in business processes - a possibility to code new GUI elements, variable types, organizational structure functions etc. that extend existing Runa WFE components and will be available to end users through the GUI - Runa WFE makes it possible to integrate your diverse enterprise applications in a unified system, by using "bots" that run inside "bot stations". - Local versions of Runa WFE are available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian. Current list of components: - Web client - a task list - a form player - a tool for managing instances and definitions of business processes - an administrative interface - Graphical editor of business processes - Authentication and authorization system (allows integration with LDAP/MS Active Directory) - Bot station - a set of prewritten bots - Task notifier (application that signals new incoming tasks) In new version: - Process instance history added - Web-interface for bot-stations administration developed Project site OnLine demo
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    I'm happy to see this remarkable project going on, congratulations. I'm also happy to see it adopted LGPL, in the end. I tried to look at the docs to understand what jbpm version it is based on but missed it (probably my fault) - can you help me in that? Ciao, Raffaele