Hi, I am developing a project which transforms xhtml data into xml with an xsl stylesheet. I am using the JAXP api, and keep getting exceptions on the call to the Tranformer.transform method. These exceptions are being thrown because the DTD access request is being denied (HTTP 503 error). I have thus altered the code so that it makes use of an Entity resolver to point to an oasis.xml catalog file which resolves the URI, pointing at our locally cached DTD files. The problem is that I keep getting the warning that the CatalogManager.properties file cannot be found, and then resolution fails. I am aware that this file needs to be placed on the classpath and have managed to get it working in a standard Java project but I cannot seem to get this to work within my web project because I am not sure where this file should be placed. I have tried various options including placing it in a resources folder and referencing that folder by adding it to the project libraries, or placing it in the default package where it appears in the top level of the /web-inf/classes folder - all to no avail. The message is always ‘cannot find CatalogManager.properties’. Has anybody come across this same problem? I am using netbeans 6.5 and deploying to Glassfish V2