From ocpsoft and @lincolnthree Tired of passing ugly query-parameters? Tired of parsing custom URLs in your faces applications? PrettyFaces - SEO, Dynamic Parameters, Bookmarks, and Navigation for JSF / JSF2: Offers /pretty/parsed/urls/ for your web applications, also providing simplified navigation and linking. If you have not tried it out yet, you should try adding prettyfaces to your latest JSF project. Get started in under 5 minutes! Everyone should be afraid of user input, and parsing values from the URL is no different. But be not afraid! It is now possible to attach JSF validators to URL and Query parameters. This functionality parallels the new tag provided in JSF2, but also provides additional hooks into Validation error handling. Now /pretty/{url}/{parameters} and ?query={parameters} can be validated just like JSF UI components. Simply attach the validators (as defined in faces-config.xml, or with the new JSF2 @FacesValidator("id") annotation.) Read the full article about PrettyFaces JSF Validation for bookmarkable / pretty URL parameters.