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    I recently analyzed a secure web page that took 20 seconds till the onLoad event triggered. The site had no fancy images, no animations or heavy JavaScript during startup. It turned out that 70% of the time was spent in SSL handshaking. With a simple change on the web server the 14 seconds could be trimmed down to 2. This brought me to check out some basics about HTTPS, how the browser is dealing with it and what to do in order to avoid performance related problems with HTTPS Read the full analysis at 101 on HTTPS Web Site Performance Impact

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    When reading the title and appetizer for the blog entry, I was expecting some valuable information on how to analyze https latency. Then I started reading the blog entry without paying much attention to the URL. Big mistake. Approx. in the middle of the blog entry, I realized that I found myself on the website of a company, that makes it's money from selling software analysis tools. No surprise, the result of the "analysis" was a simple misconfiguration of the web-server that not even a beginner should make. If I really needed large tool suites to find out that kind of thing, I'm in much bigger trouble... My advice to DynaTrace would be to show how the tool works on real problems, not on those with obvious solutions.
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    Hi Jürgen The tool that I used to analyze this website is actually a free tool - so - dynaTrace doesn't make money with analyzing browser side performance problems like the one discussed in this blog. The problem that is shown here is from a "REAL" website of a reputable company. You are correct - people (I dont want to call them beginners) - should know about these problems. But it seems that many out there (even those that have been in the business for a while and that build large web sites) have not been aware of this problem or just overlooked it. Cheers
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    Andreas, after re-reading my post this morning, my words seem to be more harsh than intended. From the title, I expected more than I finally found, so the problem of unmatched expectations is on my side as well... J.
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    no worries - thanks for the feedback. will make my titles clearer in the future - greetings - andi