How is the performance under high load ?


Performance and scalability: How is the performance under high load ?

  1. How is the performance under high load ? (7 messages)

    I just wonder how many calls the actual EJB servers on the market are able to manage on a good 586 based server. 2 or 20 or 200 per second ?

    How many resource do I have to provide for each EJB instance ? Just the memory for the EJB itself or is there much more overhead ?

    I'd like to hear all the experiences you guys out there have ! Pointing me to a comparison between the different EJB server vendors would be great too.

  2. runs on a single cpu p650 with 512 megs ram, and many will testify that it is one of the fastest portals around. A good design is more important than good hardware.

  3. Floyd,

    So what kinds of access loads is TheServerSide getting? How many simultaneously logged-in users are you averaging? Any and all stats you would be willing to provide would be appreciated.
  4. According to netcraft: is running Apache/1.3.6 (Unix) (Red Hat/Linux) Resin/1.1 on Linux

    Where is the EJB container is running?
  5. TheServerSide is running Weblogic 4.5.1. We are getting about 35,000 pageviews perday, in terms of maximum simulatneous logged in users, I honestly don't know how to track this information. Do you know if Weblogic maintains these kinds of statistics?

  6. well, you could average this out to say the 35,000 hits happen during 18 peak hours a day.. that everages out to about 32 hits per second. Let's say around 2/3 are database transactions.. that's around 20 tps. Which isn't bad given you're running postgreSQL and weblogic on 1 machine that's also doing ALL HTTP requests (images and html files)

  7. I just finished reading the Weblogic performance capacity guide and it gives estimates of about 60 transactions per second on a 500 MHZ xeon with 512 MB of ram. I don't have any numbers for other app servers.
  8. Hmm, Stu, its actually a lot better than that. we get 35,000 "pageviews", not hits. A pageview is composed of a lot (10) or so hits. Each page on TheServerSide can be the result of multiple database queries (3 different things listed on the homepage, etc). So the tps is a lot higher than that. :)