Use Sun SPOTs as your build canary


News: Use Sun SPOTs as your build canary

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    Sun Small Programmable Object Technology (SPOT) is introduced for use as a build canary to monitor CruiseControl. The goal: To monitor the health of your continuous build process with Small Programmable Object Technology. SPOTs are small wireless devices that run Java programs. An article shows how to turn a new, open source wireless device — Sun's Small Programmable Object Technology (SPOT) — into a highly visible indicator of the health of a continuous integration build. Message was edited by:

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  2. For example a netbook, you could actually buy two for the price of this low-functional device...
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    Interesting project but SunSpot hardware is complete overkill. The same result could be achieved for much less with Arduino/XBee hardware. The Sunspot kit retails for $750!