Data-Driven webtest of Drupal using Grails


News: Data-Driven webtest of Drupal using Grails

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    I was implementing a Drupal site with a custom module that uses a custom mysql database. The client reported problems with a custom module. I tried reproducting the problem, but after trying 20 some combinations out of 1000+ test elements, I wasn't able to reproduce the questionable behavior. I wanted to perform a data-driven webtest. Grails has an excellent plugin for testing web applications, and it's super easy to hit a sql database with Groovy, 1-2 lines of code easy... read more. Message was edited by:
  2. i thought PHP was fast alerady and you are saying grails is even faster ? why waste time on all these scripting based tools and languages ....
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    I wasn't making comparisons of execution speeds between grails/java/php, I was talking in terms of time to constructing a test and running it. Do you have a tool in PHP that can do data-driven functional tests that you can put together in just a few minutes time? I would be interested in seeing this, this is written as a Java guy working with Drupal.