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    Hi All , i want to create a stateful webservice which maintains the user's session after login. initially i have used MessageContext at service side to access HttpSession and BindingProvider.SESSION_MAINTAIN_PROPERTY property = true at client side to implement it. But i want to create such mechanism in which i don't want to enable session at client side i mean i don;t want a client to enable a session as he might be unknown about the fact when he generates a code from wsdl. so if any one could help me then please do post the solution over here

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    The Jt Pattern Oriented Framework is able to handle sessions (under Axis). I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for replying Dan. i will surely look for a JtFramework, but as of now i have constraint that i want to implement it in java , j2ee and jax ws. so if u have any other option then please do post it .. Thanks, nihar