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    Hi all, I recently moved south to Bangalore and I am working for a large software integrator mainly testing. My project team is working on web service project. We plan to use an open source software like soapUI now. Are you able to point me to online and offline resources/trainings that can help me and friends get up to speed with this technology. All the help group members can provide in this regard is much appreciated. Thanks, Rajesh Ahuja
  2. Hi! Think88 provides soapUI training globally and they have recently partnered with Saltmarch Media, check out and Good Luck! /Ole
  3. Hello Rajesh, There are several online resources available for these technologies. Just google for it. I also suggest that you look up some of the quality indormation on that cover it in detail. Also recommend your attending Introduction to soapUI Training course on how to thoroughly test Web and REST services because it has a lot of hands-on lab work. When I spoke to Schnieder in Bangalore for Saltmarch BT Summit, he said the training covers how to use soapUI to test SOA, Web and REST services for scalability, performance and reliability. Saltmarch also does an Advanced soapUI Pro training course. For training details check Good luck, Dheeraj
  4. Hi Rajesh, I not your question seemed broader than just testing, so to complement your service-oriented projects, you might want to check out Adjoovo Spaces as a simple way to build up the documentation and a base of knowledge that your teams can use to collaborate as you deliver your service-solutions. This SOA registry can import service definitions from WSDL, WADL or directly from the JARs or archives used to deploy projects to App Servers and ESB platforms making it very easy to populate the registry with new data. It also provides a Service Inventory view that allows you to see the services, by project and by "SOA layer" that makes visualizing a large set of services more easy. The deep dependency analysis also lets you track issues like schema-dependencies, or find out which services use which message forms, etc. You can use the embedded wiki to record test results or the comments and tagging capabilities to add other types of notes. I work for Adjoovo so may be biased but it is free and it will help track your teams' activity around the service-solutions you deliver. You can find out more here: Regards, Bill.