Mike (hosted continuous integration for Java projects) is a strong supporter of open source software. Our software uses and integrates to a number of open source components. We are also the people behind the open source build tool Kundo as well as contributors to a number of other projects. We would like to give back to the community by investing our platform build resources for appropriate open source projects. Providing free hosting and build resource on Mike costs us money, and while we are in pre-launch, that space is limited. Community support is a long term commitment from us and as we grow we hope we will be able to support more projects. If you have an open source project that could benefit from a hosted continuous integration service please contact us here to apply. We will consider applications on a case by case basis, unfortunately we can’t sponsor everyone and will review applications on merit. The Mike platform now supports Maven 2 builds. We are rolling this functionality into our beta programme and extending the beta through December. The programme is almost full, if you do want to participate please sign up at www.mikeci.com and we’ll try and squeeze you in. You can read more about our new Maven feature here. We are planning for a full commercial launch early next year. The initial release will be targeted at small to medium Java development teams that want a simple to use hosted Continuous Integration service. We’ll be announcing more detail on our plans and prices very soon.