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    Hi, I am new to webservices. I need to push a xml file from client to weblogic, where the webservices will accept the xml file and respond back to client. I am not sure if I have to add the xml in SOAP body or add as an attachment. Please guide me how I will have to proceed with this. Thanks, Geetha
  2. Geetha, It depends on how the web service was implemented. There are several mechanisms available: Axis, SOAP, REST, etc. You also have several possibilities within SOAP. This is the one I believe you are using. They usually provide client applications/documentation to show how to access the Web service. You may also need to check the source code (if client documentation/examples are available) If it is AXIS/REST you may want to check the Jt framework. This framework provides some components for gaining access to AXIS/Rest services: http://freedom.lunarpages.com/Jt It also provides components for bean/XML conversion. Regards, D
  3. I have to develop both server and client and I need to use SOAP. So can you provide me any links or ideas to start with. Thanks, Geetha
  4. Geetha, It should be fairly easy to implement a SOAP Adapter in order to read/write SOAP messages. There are several Jt helpers and XML components that should facilitate this (JDOM Adapter, XML helpers): http://freedom.lunarpages.com/Jt You should also be able to reuse the XML/bean conversion components that Jt provides. Feel free to send additional comments/concerns that you may have. Regards