IBM Websphere eXtreme Scale 6 is a new book from Packt that helps developers get hands-on experience with eXtreme Scale APIs, and understand the different approaches to using data grids. Written by Anthony Chaves , this book will provide a solution to scalability issues through caching and grid technology. This book covers the major concepts that users need to know to prevent their client application from becoming a performance bottleneck. It is a complete tutorial style guide which will show how to write software using the eXtreme Scale APIs, and take advantage of a linearly scalable middleware layer. WebSphere is an application by IBM designed to set up, operate and integrate electronic business applications across multiple computing platforms, using Java-Based Web Technologies. It helps run applications and services in a reliable and high-performance environment to ensure business opportunities are not lost due to application downtime. No prior experience of Websphere is required for the users as it covers the installation and configuration, stressing on why a data grid is a viable middleware layer. It includes many different ways of interacting with objects in eXtreme Scale. It helps configure eXtreme Scale for long-term deployments through educated capacity planning and develops the eXtreme Scale client application using Spring. Through this book, readers will learn how to configure eXtreme Scale instances programmatically and via XML configuration files. It will become clear how to integrate a data grid and a database and achieve extreme performance by using grid agents. The readers will hence be able to support thousands of concurrent clients by adding capacity to the grid and scale out linearly. Intermediate-level JavaEE developers who want to build applications that handle larger data sets with massive scalability requirements will find this book a very useful resource. This book is out now and available from Packt. You can read more about this book at: