After being hosted for two years on the Sourcesense repositories, Alfresco Software is now hosting a Maven Repository at ( to support the Maven Community development around Alfresco. The Maven Alfresco community (join here) is growing in usage and features around the repository and using a revamped and enhanced version of the Maven Alfresco Lifecycle project, which gather all archetypes and plugins around Alfresco development. New juicy features that Alfresco developers will appreciate in the new 1.1.0 release of the Maven Alfresco Lifecycle are: Stay tuned on the Maven and Alfresco frequency as we expect much more interesting news and convergence considering the integration of (former) Alfresco Surf in the Spring Framework, under the name of Spring Surf, as Michael Uzquiano, Alfresco WCM Director, shows us in this demo. Follow us and contribute if you think this is a useful approach.