Today’s Tasktop Pro 1.6.1 release includes a new Mylyn connector for the Mingle 3.0 project management software from ThoughtWorks Studios. The connector provides access to Mingle directly from any Eclipse-based IDE or from a stand-alone desktop application with offline access. What makes this integration so exciting is that it has yielded the first social network extension to the task-focused interface. Starting on a cool task? Just murmur it much as you would send a tweet. The integration with the task editor is seamless. Stuck on something? Attach your task context, murmur for help, and colleagues on the project will have instant access to the code you’re squinting at. The connector also provides automated time tracking facilities and the ability to link Mingle cards with dependent artifacts in other bug, issue, and project tracking systems. Read the full release announcement blog post Watch the Mingle Connector Video