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    Hi there,
       I am using weblogic 5.1 I deployed a BMP bean , but i couldn't run the client. It throws the following exception. failure...Please let me know how to solve this problem.
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    you haven't really given a lot to go on here. A common problem with clients is the client classpath. You need weblogicaux.jar, the beans interfaces and the PK class on the clients classpath.
  3. What I feel after reading is that you are having classpath problem....Kindly give more details about the error that you are facing??

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    Hi guys!!!
              Thanks a lot for your response. I am using weblogic.50 . The BMP bean is deployed successfully which is using JdbcOdbc driver. When I am starting the server the server is showing that the connection pool is sucessful. But when I am trying to connect my client from command prompt , like this:

    :\EJB\Bean2>java -Djava.naming.factory.initial=weblogic.jndi.TengahInitialConte
    xtFactory fenb.Client t3://localhost:7002

    It is showing the following error:

    Caught exception!
    javax.ejb.CreateException: java.sql.SQLException: The url cannot be null
            at weblogic.rmi.extensions.AbstractRequest.sendReceive(AbstractRequest.j
            at fenb.AccountBeanHomeImpl_WLStub.create(AccountBeanHomeImpl_WLStub.jav
            at fenb.AccountBeanHomeImpl_ServiceStub.create(AccountBeanHomeImpl_Servi
            at fenb.Client.main(
    Destroying account..

    But the server is shwoing the :

    New entity bean context created
    createbean called()!

    Please help me out!!!

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    seems like you have a problem getting the database connection. 'url is null' probably means that the url-string, which points to your database, is not set at all.
    check your 'getConnection' code or however you achieve a db-connection.