Version Highlights: * Synchronization View: Bi-directional synching, multiple branches, immediate push/pull operations, diff's, real change sets (not just change files) and all that jazz. * Working with multiple branches: previous plugin versions were pretty much limited to working on the default branch alone. Not anymore. Our team paralelly works on several branches of our core product, so we are confident to say it. * Cloning: detecting Eclipse projects is more stable, and the UI is more responsive. * Self-contained packaging: in Windows, the plugin has no additional dependencies. It is bundled with hg itself and all other required packages. That means you just install the plugin through the Eclipse Update Manager, and it works out of the box. It's that simple. * Major performance and resource usage improvements: long-running tasks executed in the background, agressive caching, smaller memory footprint on large projects, to name a few. (Our current benchmark is to be able to run with a project with 10,000 files.) * Tons and tons of bug fixes: you can follow the progress in this bug tracker: * See more details here: Important links: * HgEclipse project home page: * HgEclipse screen shots: * How to get the plugin via Eclipse Update? * How to check out the sources? Follow us on Twitter: