I want to add a new method to an existing web service which is built using the weblogic 9.2 wsdlc (contract-first). When I run the wsdlc ant task it generates the java interface file but it fails when compiling the java impl file giving an error. com.test.mypack.TestWsAddMethodImpl is not abstract and does not override abstract method getAccountDetails(com.test.xsd.services.GetCustomField) in com.test.mypack.TestWsAddMethod My implementation file has this method defined and it is an old method that is working fine. The signature of the method that I am adding is public void getAccId(String args) I have added the tags in the wsdl file for it to be added to the web service. . . . This operation is used to fetch account details . . . Can someone please tell what I am doing wrong? or what should I try next or is this possible or not