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    Atricore has launched the Atricore Identity Bus, an open source platform for standard-based identity federation. The product is compatible with Java Open Single Sign-On (JOSSO) and is intended to allow for out-of-the-box scalability with JOSSO deployments. It supports Java EE, OSGi, security assertion markup language (SAML-2), WS-Trust, and security provisioning markup language (SPML) standards. Atricore Identity Bus is designed to integrate with existing enterprise identity management infrastructures. Single sign-on agents are included for WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, JBoss, and others. It provides a pluggable architecture and multiple deployment configurations. Atricore Identity Bus can be downloaded from: Message was edited by: staff
  2. good to see some open source development integrated toolkit/product like this. only problem you will face is - sellign a toolkit/product related to security which is open source and not backed by a vendor... most big companies would not go for it because of that reason...
  3. Hi Shawn, Thanks for the feedback. Totally agree. The good news is that both this product and JOSSO are actually backed by Atricore Inc. - a US-based company specialized in Open Source Identity and Access Management solutions. For more information please see: Regards, Gianluca.
  4. I am currently looking at OpenSSO.  How does Atricore compare?
    -- Eric