Release 0.1.2 of the open-source Tapestry component-based web application framework has been released onto the SourceForge web site.

Tapestry uses a sophisticated component object model to simply web application development. Applications are divided into pages, and pages are assembled from components (components may be constructed from other components as well). The framework takes over virtually all of the "drudgery" of assembling a web application, such as creating links between pages and responding to forms.

Tapestry features very robust exception handling, strong MVC seperation, minimal HTML markup changes (the addition of a single special tag), no generated code, no Java code mixed with HTML, etc.

The Tapestry Home Page contains easily accesible documentation (PDF format), the source code to the framework and examples, and a modest live demonstration (which is sure to be Slashdotted since its just a little PII 233!).

Tapestry is positioned as an alternative to JavaServer Pages ... I think if you peek inside the box you'll see it has a tremendous amount to offer!