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    Hi, I have a web service app deployed on jboss 4.2.2 ("first" ws). When I invoke this ws, in turn, it calls another ws deployed on another jboss remote server ("second" ws). This ws then calls yet another ws deployed in a "third" (non jboss) server. Problem is, that sometimes the THIRD service takes long time and eventually its invocation times out. However, the invocation SECOND web service times out first, probably because it has a shorter timeout tolerance. The web service response received by the second ws invocation is: 504 Gateway timeout - which is text/html and not soap. Tried to reproduce this specific 504 error without success. When I cause the third web service to timeout forcefully (in code), I get a socket timeout exception, and not 504. Any ideas why I get this 504 error?? Thanks!!! Daniel
  2. Hi Daniel,

    Did you have any luck in finding out the root cause? Please let me know as I am facing the same issue.



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    Any solutions to the above mentioned issue. Please reply at monaneha2002 at yahoo dot com