Free and Easy to Make a Web Video Making It Play Directly on Your Site or Forum Recently I came across a good application on a download site. It is Socusoft Web Video Player. I got to know more after visiting the website of this program. I am a web designer and I used to find it complicated to put a video clip or more clips to the website and play it directly, which was required by some of my customers. Now, I got this helpful app, which brings me great convenience and I would like to share with you guys about free and easy to make a web video making it play directly on your site or forum with Socusoft Web Video Player. Socusoft Web Video Player: The principle of this application is to integrate your video with a player together with relevant output codes to be embedded into HTML of your webpage or blog. It will take you three steps for it. The input files accept FLV format only so as to enable output video player to playback clips. You may meet with the problem about videos of different formats. Well, it has a conversion component which accepts various video formats, making it easy to convert your files to FLV format. [img][/img] Before we go further, you guys can go to for more information about its features and function. You may know from its "Support" page that the difference between trial version and full version of this program: "The trial version generates web videos with a logo at the top left corner of the web player which links to our website. URLs such as company URL and advertisement links also cannot be added to the web videos. The full version has no such limits." So, don’t worry as there is no time limit or other key limits. We can still use it freely for fun and experience its cool features. I think you can find out more. Download Socusoft Web Video Player and install it first. Launch the program. Click "Add" to add one video clip or more in order as you need. [img][/img] Go to "Themes" and choose the template of web player for your video clips. There are lots of cool templates. Get one as you like or that can match the style of your website or blog. The program allows you to customize web player in advanced mode. Click to button "Customize Parameters" at the bottom right corner to find out more. [img][/img] When all of the above are done, go to the last step "Publish". At this step, it allows you to change the name of your output web video player. [img][/img] Your video has right now been embedded a cool player. You may click "View Web Page" to enjoy your web video. Click "Open Output Folder" and you will find relevant files and output codes are ready to be embedded into HTML of your webpage or blog directly. Deficiency of this app: Not compatible with Mac. [img][/img] Ok, go on with playing around with this app. I think you can find out more cool features and let me know then. For more information, please visit: