Hi All, I am new to web services. I want to create RESTful Web Service in java. So i decided to use Jersey. and i worked with sample (Hello world application) in RESTful calls. my doubt is , when i use GET operation, it returns whatever i returned. that's fine. But when i use PUT, the sample code puts my details in webresource. Where the WebResource is stored? Don't i need to use Databases to store any data? (ie is it enough putting in WebResource?) But these data(via PUT) only available until the server restarts. so do i need to put it in persistent starage? If that is the case (Need to store in DB), What is the main use of Web Service? Because i want to create a application with user management(Do i need to store in DB) if then its looks like a normal web application know? Please advise me. Thanks & Regards, thilsen