JCA beta comes with VisualAge 3.5.3 with a range of connectors.


News: JCA beta comes with VisualAge 3.5.3 with a range of connectors.

  1. IBM will include a beta for JCA support in VisualAge 3.5.3. They have included a wide range of JCA connectors for SAP, Peoplesoft, CICS, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials and tooling for importing JCA records.

    Click here for the JCA information. For more information on VAJ 3.5.3 (available next week), click here. VAJ 3.5.3 upgrades the WTE to Servlet 2.2/JSP 1.1 and has improvements for team development of EJBs.
    Tooling seems to be provided to help CCF users upgrade to JCA also. CCF (Common Connector Framework) was an IBM proprietary technologoy that was one of the key drivers behind JCA being created.
  2. Does anybody know about Connectors for
    Software-AG's Adabas C system?
  3. I think the way vendors want JCA to develop is that the back end or EIS vendors will write the JCA adapters, not the J2EE vendors, thats the whole point, IBM can ditch CCF, BEA can ditch eLink and simply provide a JCA container that you can plug in the JCA adapters from your EIS vendor.

    IBM and BEA can be expected to provide JCA adapters for their middleware (Tuxedo, CICS, IMS etc) but I think they're hoping that back end vendors will do some dirty work also and sell the JCA adapters.

    Did you try asking Software AG?