I have implement a simple web service that uses an interface as an input parameter in its web method. I become an error message that said that JAX-WS don't support interface. The web service is like this follow: ----------------------------------- import Javax.jws.WebService import Javax.jws.WebMethode import .... @WebService public class webservice() { @WebMethode public String do (Thing th) return "allright!!"; } -------------------------- The Interface Thing is definede as follow public Interface Thing{ public interfacemethod1(); public interfacemethod2(); } -------------------------------------- I was used Intefrace for Thing because i want to monitore and controll the access to these "Thing" e.g I want that a class A cann acess to all method of Thing aber another Class B only restricted to a few method not all. has someone any idea how that web service support interface by calling a web method thanks in advance