I'm a blogger, not a computer expert! And I just want to share whatever that is funny, like travelling photos, interesting videos etc to others using the easiest way. Pictures are ok for me to upload and share in my blog cause it's easy to do so. I just follow the instructions given by blog server and then it's done, although the vivid pictures are transformed to complicated codes now. :) My biggest headache so far is to upload videos. I have always thought it's very difficult because the "codes" is the only way to realize video playing on blog and as I said at the first place, I’m not a computer expert who knows computer language. Well, things are changed dramatically until I finally found Moyea Web Player. This software is definitely the easiest way to create flash video player with attractive play lists. It's very light(only 12.2MB) to download, easy to install, with free useful plugins and the entire flash video player creation just requires 3 steps. Step 1: Input flash videos you want to play on blog into Moyea Web Player. (If the videos are not flash videos, please convert them.) Step 2: Choose your favorite player skin from 38 options and set video playing relevant parameters if you are not happy with the default settings. Step 3: Publish the created FLV player, upload all the published files except the index.html file, to the same folder with your web pages files on your web server, and last, embed the generated player and SWFObject JavsScript code into your blog. Above 3 steps are quite understandable for me, but I'm sure I still heard a voice from someone that whispers "Is there any easier way available?" "Yes, there is!" Moyea Software just released Free FLV Player recently for those player users who have no web hosting but still want to play flash video in their blogs, webpages or forums. This way only takes 10 seconds to copy the provided player code, another 10 seconds to replace the properties with actual video information and the last 10 seconds to embed it into your blog! The Pros: You won't be finding another application like this with simple integrations with player creator, player organizer and player extender. Simple interface but mighty functions, and surprisingly, you can download it for free with frequent updates. The Cons: The free version will put a PlayerDIY logo on the video, however, you can easily remove that by giving a back link to playdiy.com and the link information is Moyea Web Player or just purchasing the software with a reasonable and affordable price. Happy creating your own flash video player right now and have fun! Quick look at Moyea Web Player: Import FLV videos: http://z.hubpages.com/u/1747962_f520.jpg Insert advertisements: http://z.hubpages.com/u/1747964_f520.jpg Choose FLV player template: http://z.hubpages.com/u/1747967_f520.jpg Publish: http://z.hubpages.com/u/1747982_f520.jpg