Enterprise build system, Gradle Inc. and repository specialist JFrog have formed a collaborative relationship to work toward a series of offerings that the companies say will enhance user productivity. The companies will begin packaging JFrog’s repository manager, Artifactory and Gradle together as a more complete build offering. Gradle lets users describe their builds using an extensible build language based on Groovy. It contains build-by-convention support for Java, Groovy, Scala, OSGi, and Web projects. JFrog’s Artifactory contains built-in features for Gradle, Maven and Ivy artifacts and has open source and cloud computing versions. It also contains a general purpose binaries management platform. Working together, the two companies are creating two new plugins. An upcoming plugin for Gradle will make it easier to connect to Artifactory servers for artifacts resolution and deployment. Artifactory’s new plugin for the Hudson integration server will simplify the uploading artifacts produced by a Gradle build to an Artifactory repository.