tinyPM 2.2 has just been released. Agilers continues to deliver free community version of their Java browser-based agile project management tool and now opens it for integrations using plugins in Java and Groovy.

New tinyPM 2.2 introduces plugins for new product management section called Sandbox and ships with two initial integrations for JIRA and POP3 mailboxes.

Whatâ??s new in tinyPM 2.2:
 * Sandbox with connectors for JIRA and POP3 mailboxes (plugins)
 * printing user story cards from taskboard
 * tinyPM now speaks French (along with English, German, Polish and Portuguese)

All these are available in tinyPM FREE Community Edition which works great for small agile teams up to 5 users.

New plugins can be written in Java as well as in Groovy language.

tinyPM will soon release the source code for the two initial connectors that are now shipped with v2.2 (connector for JIRA in Grovy and connector for POP3 in Java) along with the examples on how to write your own Sandbox plugins.