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    Servlet & JSP's are using HTTP protocol to send request and receive information.

       Why can't use HTTP itself for web service too, why should i have to rely on SOAP?
       Using web service i can transfer data from one app to other app running in two different technologies, say java app to .net app.
       So why can't i use HTTP in web service, as i can send and receive information in java and .net using HTTP?
       What is so speacial about SOAP, that we are using in webservice?
       If encryption is the problem, i can very well use HTTPS right?
       Here is what i read about SOAP, "SOAP provides a way to communicate between applications running on different operating systems, with different technologies and programming languages" Can't i achieve the same using HTTP?

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    SOAP is a protocol specification for exchanging structured information for doing webservices. One implementation of SOAP uses HTTP, but SOAP can be used with other transportation protocols like JMS, SMTP. SOAP provides a standard for exchanging messages between applications in a structured fashion while HTTP is only for transportation. 
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    Thanks for your reply.

    But if SOAP is meant for transferring the messages, before SOAP how we transferred all the messages? Can't we use the same HTTP header get/post method to transfer all the messages? Servlet's and Jsp's are using the same logic now also, but i am not sure about how .net was sending and retrieving the data using HTTP i.e. before the introduction of SOAP.

    I am asking this question to you, to make myself clear about the role performed by the SOAP and not challenging your answer :-)
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    I am not sure if I understood your new question properly or not. Before SOAP when two different applications talk to each other there are some proprietary protocols available like RMI/IIOP (Internet Inter-Orb Protocol) which obviously works well only with java (though there are ways you can work with other technologies using other interfaces). SOAP over HTTP brought a neutral platform independent way of communicating between two different applications/services with open standards using XML.
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    You can use either protocol. Web services can be implemented using http as well.


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    You should Google RESTful web services.