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    We have a requirement to implement data grid in our application which will be fix set of grid cells and they will be editable. We are thinking of struts data grid layout framework to use. We gone through the documentation in
    Please let us know if anyone has used this framework in your web application and what are the issues faced?
    It would be of great help if you can provide us a free access live site where this is implemented. We were wondering about the performance with text fields as grid components and maintainability of this framework.
    If anyone has used any other grid implementation (free or licensing frameworks) integrating with struts framework feel free to suggest.
    We appreciate any help on this topic.
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    Best Regards

  2. We use the rico livegrid. It's an ajax enabled grid and we use it in conjunction with Struts.

    Extjs also has a good grid but it's not for free: