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    In my application I have a combo box ,and its populted with all the data but in this combo box there is a null value
    as well ,when nothing is selected or something is selected the combo box value is seen as null though when I am selecting
    some value from combo box I am able to select and insert it.Here I want to remove this null value  or replace it with a blank space .


        <td align="left"><font size=4>courses</font></td>
       <td> <select ID="courses" name="courses" onchange="return fncGetemp();">
       <option>Select One</option>
         String rec_test="SELECT distinct courses from libraryrecords";
         try {
          ResultSet rs_test=stmt.executeQuery(rec_test);
           String temp = null;
                        <option SELECTED value=<%= rs_test.getString(1) %>> <%= rs_test.getString(1) %></option>

          catch(Exception e){

    Thanks for your time and help :)

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    First, don't make db connections in a jsp. It's possible but it's bad practice. To solve youre problem you can store the result of the query in a list an iterate over the list. If the values are null you can replace it with "". Another thing you can do is use NVL function in youre sql.
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    Thanks alot Robby:)
    I will implement this.