I have written a book on iReport 3.7 which is published from PACKT Publishing. For the book details please visit iReport 3.7 at PACKT Publishing Book Store. 


  • A step-by-step, example-oriented tutorial with lots of screenshots to guide the reader seamlessly through the book
  • Generate enterprise-level reports using iReport 3.7
  • Give your reports a professional look with built in templates
  • Create master/detail reports easily with the sub-report feature
  • Produce summary data and present them in a dynamic crosstab report



What you will learn from this book


  • Using iReport for creating reports
  • Using special kinds of data operations to generate more powerful reports
  • Combining data to produce master/detail reports
  • Adding images and controlling the layout and formatting of your report
  • Using report variables to store data during the execution of the report
  • Representing business data in the form of pie charts, bar charts and so on
  • Calling iReport from a Java desktop or web application
  • Creating reports from the NetBeans IDE
  • Creating JDBC connections from iReport to connect to different data sources.


Discount offer for the iReport Community

As a member of JasperReports community you can enjoy a 15% discount for the hard copy and 20% discount for the eBook copy. You just enter the discount code when you buy through PacktPub.com. The code to use is: iReportBook15 (case sensitive) for the Hardcopy and iReportEbook20 (case sensitive)  for the eBook copy.



Packt Open Source Project Royalties

 When Packt sells a book written on an open source project,  Packt pays a royalty directly to that project. Therefore by purchasing the book iReport 3.7, Packt will give some of the money received to the iReport project.

Download Sample Chapters

You can download a sample chapter from www.packtpub.com/files/8808-iReport-3-7-sample-chapter-report-layout-and-formatting.pdf


 For the book details please visit iReport 3.7 at PACKT Publishing Book Store.

About me, the Author

 I am Shamsuddin Ahammad, Senior Lecturer and the Course Coordinator at Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT), Bangladesh. I have been teaching Java, Programming Methods, and Database Systems at DIIT since 2002. I have experience in supervising hundreds of academic projects. I have a Masters degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Daffodil International University, Dhaka. I obtained the BSc(Hons) degree in Computing & Information Systems (CIS) of NCC Education Ltd, UK and London Metropolitan University joint programme from Daffodil Institute of IT. I am an Additional Reviewer of Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology (CONQUEST) organized by International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) in Germany. I have been maintaining several blogs on Java technologies for years.