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News: Java PureFaces is Now Open Source

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    Java PureFaces simplifies JSF implementation by allowing developers to create Ajax-enabled applications from pure Java code, similar to how a Swing UI is developed.  There is no need to create numerous static JSP templates and backing-beans.

    See the original article on The Server Side:

    Introducing Java PureFaces: A New JSF Framework

    Since the original article was written, the API was re-written to include Ajax via RichFaces.
    The link above contains the source code, an online demo, a template application (via maven) and a presentation from a recent Java Users Group.

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  2. Maven[ Go to top ]

    Congrats, Ariel!

    Did you ever integrate it with Maven?

  3. build with Maven[ Go to top ]

    Thanks Neil,

    Yes I did, you just need to download the demo source from
    unzip it and run:
    mvn tomcat:run
    and you will have it running. 


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    Wouldn't this be a nightmare to debug?

    panel.add(new PurejQuery(PurejQuery.ONLOAD,
     "click(function(){ jQuery('.JQueryDemoDiv').css('background-color','red'); return false; });"));

  5. No, it isn't too bad.

    jQuery is extremely useful and adding it in this way allows us to keep it close the components that it is working on.  Debugging it with Firefox/Firebug is straight forward.

    Putting overly complicated and far-reaching jQuery could definitely cause issues, of course.