Open Text, SAP, Alfresco and Nuxeo, two open source enterprise content management vendors, met last week to discuss merging the OpenCMIS code base with Chemistry. The name OpenCMIS will remain for the Java sub-project providing a general-purpose library for the client and server side. This will be the one Apache Chemistry Java code base. The merge should take about 2 weeks-a critical step needed to become a ASF Top-level project.

Jeff Potts, the lead architect at Optaros, has also contributed his Python CMIS client library and become a committer.

Here are some additional resources:

(Nuxeo head of R&D contributing to Chemistry)

The OASIS CMIS standard is now being voted upon by OASIS. By early  May, the vote will be complete and CMIS will likely be an official 1.0 standard. Any company or organization that is an OASIS voting member is encouraged to vote for CMIS.