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News: IBM WebSphere sMash released

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    What is IBM WebSphere sMash?
    IBM® WebSphere® sMash is an agile Web application platform for developing and running modern Web applications. WebSphere sMash introduces a simple environment for creating, assembling and running applications based on popular Web technologies such as Groovy, PHP, Ajax, Mash-up, REST and etc. As a fast and simple application foundation, WebSphere sMash enables developers to quickly build and execute agile, Web 2.0-based applications that help businesses be more responsive, flexible and cost-effective.

    For more details about sMash, please check sMash Overview.
    For cool sMash demos, please refer to projectzerodotorg's Channel.

    Relese is the latest fix pack for version 1.1.1 and has been published to both the and official sMash GA repositories. You may also download the DE version from the Project Zero download page.
    The module version numbers are Please refer to the wiki page for the list of bugs addressed and other information pertaining to this fix pack. You can read more about modules in the dependency management section of the developer's guide.

  2. IMO the real big news is the official "strong" support of dynamic scripting for WAS and CICS: