Cliff Click, Jr. Comapares Directly Executed Bytecode with JIT on a RISC Chip


News: Cliff Click, Jr. Comapares Directly Executed Bytecode with JIT on a RISC Chip

  1. Last week we managed to get a quick comment from Cliff Click, Jr. about some of the configurations he's been working on over at Azul Systems. However, this week, Cliff has managed to take a bit more time out of his busy schedule to dedicate a full discussion of the concerns many of readers were bandying about.

    "Just so's you know - it takes a lot more than a casual question about "where's my Java Optimized Hardware" to make me irate.  In fact, that's a very good question - because the answer is not obvious (ok, it was obvious to me 15 years ago, but I was already both a serious compiler geek and an embedded systems guy then).  But it's not-obvious enough that quit a few million $$$ have been spent trying to make a go of it."

    Here, Cliff Click, Jr., Ph.D. discusses the various benefits, drawbacks and challenges associated with running directly executed bytecode with a Just-in-Time compiler executing efficiently on a RISC chip. Which is better, and what are the complexities and complications? Cliff sets the record straight, as only he can.

    Cliff Click, Jr. Ph.D, Addresses the Concerns of

    Azul Systems

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  2. Great job[ Go to top ]

    I for one say cheers to cameron. The content the last two weeks has been interesting and fun.

  3. All Those Celebrity Interviews[ Go to top ]

    Clearly, all you readers just want these big time 'celebrity interviews' with IT rock stars like Cliff.  When I signed up for this position, I didn't realize that it was going to turn into "TMZ for Developers and Architects."  :)

    I've actually really enjoyed getting in contact with people like Cliff, and some of the other organizations that have contacted me. And these past weeks have meant alot of 'laying the groundwork' for content from other interesting people. Hopefully it will continue to be interesting.

    Thanks for the kind words!