Speeding Up WebSphere Portal Server 7 After Installation


News: Speeding Up WebSphere Portal Server 7 After Installation

  1. WebSphere Portal Server Guru Sal Pece provides this quick tip on how to improve the first-time run performance of you WebSphere Portal Server pages. The tip is demonstrated for WebSphere Portal Server 7, but it also applies to WPS 6.1 as well.

    WebSphere Portal Server Speed Tip

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    Uninstall websphere and portal and switch to tomcat. That will easily shave hours of waiting from your work day. Couldn't resist making a joke.

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    LOL....seriously, I mean, IBM Websphere team, please stop spending your time on something else and focus on Websphere improvement.  Your J2EE server is turtle slow comparing to any other solutions!  I actually like the toolsets like RAD and others that integrated well with Websphere and how it works in mainframe.  But look, again, it is really slow....

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    How about understanding the difference between a J2EE Application Server and Tomcat? And how can you take the portal to the comparison...

    Tomcat --> Servlet Container + support for JSP's + Webserver

    Websphere Application Server --> J2EE Application server

    Dont comment on technologies that you have no clue about ;-)

    One could argue about the need of a J2EE Application Server in 90% of the companies where it's used at the moment, as most of them are running some servlets/JSP's on it but there's still a huge difference between Tomcat and websphere application server...

  5. Got a clue? ;-)[ Go to top ]

    For the record, I've used several versions of websphere. I even worked for IBM and was required to use Websphere. Yes, a servlet container is no where near an EJB container. Like I said, it was a joke.

    I've personally lost months of time waiting for Websphere start/stop over the last 10 years. I've also had to automate nitely unit/regression tests on Websphere while working at IBM. The bottom line though, Websphere is horribly slow and unproductive for day-to-day development. Once websphere is up and running in production it's fine. Getting to that point with websphere on Z, linux, solaris, or aix is a complete pain. There's a good reason why IBM consultants make so much money.