<a href="Agile" rel="nofollow">http://www.agilecambridge.net/ac2010/">Agile Cambridge 2010</a> is a new event focussing on the practical application of agile software development methods.

We are seeking high-quality session proposals covering any aspect of agile software development. If your session proposal covers practical experience we'll consider it.

Suggested topics:

    * Adopting and evolving agile approaches
    * Agile product management
    * Agile software development
    * Agile testing
    * User experience and design in an agile world
    * Agile technical communications
    * Coaching and mentoring agile teams
    * Leadership
    * Tool and technology adoption
    * Distributed agile teams

Case studies and interactive sessions (hands-on, workshops, games...) based on any aspect of these and related topics are particularly encouraged.

In addition to paying no conference fees, being a speaker gives you a unique opportunity to share your experience and knowledge with our audience.

Visit <a href="http://www.agilecambridge.net/ac2010/speak.phphttp://www.agilecambridge.net/ac2010/speak.php">http://www.agilecambridge.net/ac2010/speak.php> for more information.